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With Gratitude, Lee Berkowitz!

The Welcome Back Wire

September 2020


  1. Local Charity News: Yoga 4 Change
  2. Gratitude Corner: Our WBHC Team Rocks
  3. Helpful Hint: The Busiest Time for Hurricanes is Coming
  4. Featured Caregiver: Davina Nicholas, CNA, HHA
  5. Featured Service: Respite Care
  6. Healthy Activity: Custom Home Exercise on Video
  7. Featured Business: Shift Happens Consulting
  8. Recipe of the Month: Lee’s Signature Chicken Marsala
  9. Fun: Sudoku Puzzle

Local Charity News: Yoga 4 Change Trailblazing Positivity in FL

What does Yoga 4 Change bring to the local community?

Yoga 4 Change (Y4C) brings an acceptance, compassion, inclusion, and respect to the South Florida community. Y4C usually acts as a subcontractor to larger organization that serve our specific populations: veterans, incarcerated individuals, youth, and those with mental health struggles. Being able to offer a trauma informed approach to create positive change in our students is the goal of each of our yoga classes. Aside from our facility classes, we offer a weekly donation-based community yoga class for the general public on Sunday afternoons at 2:30pm at Yoga One in Hollywood.  We encourage all walks of life to join this class, in person or virtually, and encourage all skill levels to join as well. More information can be found by reaching out to info@y4c.org. During our expansion across Florida, Y4C has met so many amazing business and non-profit leaders, yoga studio owners, yogis and non-yogis, and we hope to continue to leave our footprint as we continue to expand through the tri-county area.

What do you like most about being connected with Yoga 4 Change?
Through research done on programming in partnership with Boston University, the groundbreaking impact that Yoga 4 Change is achieving in South Florida (and beyond) is proven to help those struggling with pain, addiction, past traumas, or their mental health. Yoga 4 Change has created a strong community in the various regions we have expanded into and the leadership team has gone above and beyond to make sure Y4C thrives in the years to come.  Our goal is the expand nationally and serve our populations across the country all through the powerful work of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Does Yoga 4 Change work with aging adults?
Yoga 4 Change has the ability to work with everybody and every body.  The populations we currently serve include veterans, vulnerable youth, incarcerated individuals, and those with mental health conditions.  We’ve found that many students within these populations are aging adults and we also tailor each class to meet the needs of our students in that moment. By having a diverse program implementation team, our teachers are able to modify classes no matter what physical ability level shows up – from extremely flexible youth to wheelchair bound adult.


What is a positive message or Mantra that you would like to put out to the universe?

You are Enough.


How and when did you start this Great Company?

I founded Yoga 4 Change as a way to continue my own healing. I flew helicopters for the United States Navy, and was injured while on deployment. My injury led to me being sent home, and after surgeries, and physical therapy, and failed rehabilitation – I was told I would never fly again. My physical therapist recommended I try yoga as a way to decrease my chronic pain and reduce my anxiety, and on my yoga mat I was able to finally accept my injury and learned actual ways to decrease my own pain. Getting that control back over my body, was a gift – and I wanted to share that with others. That is why I started Yoga 4 Change.

Gratitude Corner: Our WBHC Team Rocks

We at Welcome Back Home Care (WBHC) appreciate this adventure very much and it is an honor to have the best crew in the business. Maggie, Katie, & Jennifer… Thank You! We are truly grateful for all our clients and family members. Congratulations to Davina for winning Caregiver of the month for August. We’re very grateful for all our caregivers and their families who sacrifice each day to give to others. Want a Welcome Back Home Care Mask? Just give us a call. (561) 279-6400.

Helpful Hint: Hurricane Season is Still Heating Up

September 10th is the busiest day for hurricanes historically.

Many forget that September is the busiest time for hurricanes. Keep preparing for possible hurricane scenarios by having your essential food, water, backup generator, and the like just in case. If you have any questions or need help, please call Lee and the Welcome Back Home Care Team at 561-279-6400. We’re happy to help in any way we can. 🙂

Davina Nicholas is a talented CNA & HHA on our Welcome Back Home Care team. We’re blessed to have her helping our wonderful clients.

Why did you become a CNA/HHA?
I became a CNA, because of my Grandma. I wanted to help her the way that she helped me. I wanted to take care of her.

What are some of the services you provide for clients?
As a caregiver I provide emotional, physical, mental relief to my patient and sometimes to their family as well. I help with chores around the house, doctor appointment, cooking, patient care, and respites.

What is one piece of practical advice you can give to people who are caregivers?
Don’t take anything personal do it with all your heart and always with a smile on your face.

What does your typical day consist of?
My day start at 5:30 am. I take care of myself, then get breakfast ready for my patient. Then I wake my patient up. Clean and wash them while having  a conversation with  them to see their state of mind. Then client get breakfast. Then, I dress clients ready for the day. I get lunch on the way. Communicates with family or whoever the clients get to see during the day. I serve lunch, after lunch I do chores around the house. Interact with my clients throughout the day. Serve dinner, take blood pressure, assist with medications. Clean patient before going to bed. Help with night-time routine and help patient to bed. Then I take tour around to make sure that everything is at their place. By the time that I am done it’s 9:30 pm. That is what my day consist of.

What is your favorite book?
It might sound cliché but My favorite book is the Bible.

How did you hear about Welcome Back Home Care?
I heard about Welcome Back Home Care from a friend of mine.

Name 3 things you are grateful for?
I am grateful for my life, my Family and my Friends.

Kind Words from Our Clients

Dear Lee, I want to THANK YOU for all your help in setting up my mother with a perfect (Caregiver) match. You and your staff always went way beyond the call of duty in assisting me and providing us with excellent service. I can’t begin to tell you the difference Cindy made in my Mother’s life.

 – Nancy

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Featured Service: Respite Care
Helpful Tasks Your Caregiver can do for You

It is easy to get overwhelmed when taking care of a loved one; sometimes you just need a break. We provide an easy way for you to get away and relax knowing that your loved ones are safe and well cared for.

Healthy Activity: Video Exercise
Enjoy A Guided Exercise in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Designed by a cousin of Welcome Back Home Care, Matthew H. of Holisticrats, shows how the Back Elbow Punch for seniors can be a important part of your healthy routine.

Business of the Month
Shift Happens Consulting

How did you meet Lee Berkowitz?
I(Andi) first met Lee in CHEERS. Well it was like CHEERS, but was actually The Columbia house, where everyone knows his name. He was friendly and started a conversation that led to us asking him to tell his story at our evening event.

What do you  want to share with our readers?
We’ve been innocently taught a fundamental misunderstanding, that our happiness & well-being is outside of us. And, when we realize where to look, our lives, relationships, & whole outlook on life changes for the better.

What’s your favorite mantra?
We live in the feeling of our thinking, 100% of the time.

What’s your favorite hobby to do with each other?
We love to go to the beach. We indulged in a membership for the beach chairs & we love to talk about the understanding that we share with our clients, structure our upcoming courses and retreats, and chill. Sometimes, we just read a book while taking in the sounds & views of the ocean.

What does consciousness, thought & mind mean to you?
Mind, is the intelligence & energy of all things, whether in form or formless. Consciousness is the capacity to be aware, to understand & to experience life. Thought is the creative force. The constant variable. It’s the playdo of the universe.

Can you describe the snow globe metaphor?
When we over ANALyse things, our mind  is filled with masses of thoughts (problems, beliefs,stories, are all made from thought.)  It’s like the snow globe all shook up. This is why we get overwhelmed and stressed. We try to make sense of a messy snowglobe, not realizing when it settles, we’ll have clarity. This is why people get frustrated with one another. Because they cannot think clearly, and they are trying to make sense of a cluttered mind. But when we let our snow globe settle, we then get clarity, & fresh thinking (wisdom) Is able to come through.

What’s the best part about your relationship with each other?
The best part is that we both love this conversation. So we feel that we’re in sync with each other. We may not agree with minor details, yet, when we go big picture, we have the same views.

Recipe of the Month
Lee’s Signature Chicken Marsala with Tricolor Potatoes

A delectable, savory meal with great nutrition! 

2 pounds of chicken breast. (Scallopini) 
Chicken stock.
Balsamic Reduction.
2 cloves of Garlic.
½ Onion.
1 Package of Regular Mushrooms.
Marsala Cooking Wine.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Cream or ¼ Butter.
Tri-Colored Potatoes.
Add chicken stock to make the recipe easier to work with.
Please be safe while preparing and cooking meals.
Please cook all Meat and poultry within safe zone guidelines. Pork 140 degrees F Ground Beef 160 F. CHX 165 degrees F.
Also, never keep food out of the Refrigerator for more than 2 hours.
Enjoy the video,
Chef Lee

Puzzle of the Month

Sudoku – Medium Difficulty

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