I love volunteering with Beach Keepers Inc. because they provide me with an opportunity to see the good from my volunteer work as it is enjoyed by many around Delray Beach, FL. With Beach Keepers, I’ve found a sense of belonging and closeness to my community that is truly hard to find. The personal joy from this volunteering is enduring. I’ve even learned a lot about our coastal Florida environment from Paul and Andrea. They really opened up my eyes to the necessary precautions we exercise when collecting the various types and amounts of pollutants we clean up from the public spaces in our community.

Beach Keepers Inc. and their beneficial impacts have been recently recognized by the Delray Beach Police Department.  They have created a program that benefits our local at-risk homeless residents of Delray Beach, FL.

Beach Keepers smartly integrates latent resources in the community: individuals with time and the ability to perform light physical tasks to remove litter and beautify the environment.

Andrea and Paul believe that the public spaces of our community should be available to everyone and free of litter for all to enjoy, all of the time.

They modeled their Charity’s successful clean up practices after our communities public works department.

The brothers are great to work with and they organize custom clean up events all the time. Plan your next clean up event with Beach Keepers Inc.

Make Beach Keepers Inc. your first choice when planning an event for your family members, students, groups, and companies. Have fun volunteering and impacting Delray Beach and Palm Beach county Florida.

Don’t hesitate to call Andrea Fazzino at 561-373-5937 to plan your next event. They are super informative and offer cautionary instructions before every event. They also come prepared with disposable gloves, buckets, pickers, cold waters and a variety snacks for all of the volunteers.

Delray Beach, FL is a majestic and beautiful coastal community and I’m excited to have a part in restoring its fantastic natural beauty for our citizens and visitors to enjoy.  I look forward to meeting you at their next clean up event! Are you busy making a difference where you live? Visit their website at www.beachkeepersinc.org and join today!